Snow Leopard cubsThe snow leopard is an endangered species of cat that lives in the mountains of Central Asia.

It is a rare and secretive species, and inhabits a harsh, remote mountainous environment, however, they are critically endangered as a species and there are thought to be as few as 3,500 in the wild today.

Even though snow leopards inhabit such a remote environment, they are still under immense threat from numerous human induced problems (paradoxically, there has never been a single verified attack by a snow leopard on a human).

Poaching driven by illegal trades in their pelts and other body parts such as their bones that are used for traditional Chinese medicine is one of the major threats. Additionally, a rapidly vanishing natural habitat along with reducing numbers of prey for snow leopards are also major causes for concern.

WWF works with the Himalayan locals to help manage and educate the community to foster a cooperative environment between the needs of humans and sustaining the natural habitat of the snow leopard species.

By sponsoring a snow leopard through the WWF snow leopard adoption scheme you are actively helping to maintain and prevent the snow leopard species from becoming extinct.